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SOURCES: The Dallas Morning News, Oklahoma City Department of Public Works and Ace Aerial Photography Co. of Oklahoma.

This is a list of public buildings declared unsafe by two assessment teams from the Oklahoma City Department of Public Works. The teams surveyed buildings bounded by Santa Fe on the east, Walker on the west, Dean A. McGee on the south and 10th Street on the north.

1. Anthonys annex, 115 NW 6th St. - partially collapsed wall, twisted bar joints.
2. Store fronts, 118-134 NW 6th St. - rear wall collapsed on all stores.
3. 612-618 N. Robinson - severe damage inside.
4. St. Joseph Church, 519 N. Harvey - garage collapsed in the back of the rectory.
5. Office Furniture Outlet, 408 NW 5th St. - front wall unstable.
6. Hansen's Auto Top Shop, 615 N. Hudson - several trusses broken.
7. City Parking, 420 NW 6th St. - some damage inside, moderate external damage.
8. Vacant, 312-316 NW 6th St. - roof collapsed.
9. Vacant, 311 NW 6th St. - collapsed.
10. Office, 625 N. Harvey - severe damage inside, outside wall unstable.
11. 316 NW 7th St. Rear of building collapsed.
12. 700 N. Hudson - severe damage inside, canopy unstable.
13. 800 N. Hudson - east side collapsed.
14. 815 N. Hudson - veneer collapsed, other damage.
15. 904 N. Hudson - severe damage inside.*
16. 316 NW 8th St. - veneer damage (teams unable to get inside).
17. 314 NW 8th St. - pilaster moderately damaged, rear wall shows signs of shock-wave damage.*
18. First United Methodist Church - rafters severely damaged; inside severely damaged.
19. 17 NW 6th St. - roof collapsed.*
20. Warehouse, 601 N. Broadway - all storefronts demolished, interiors severely damaged.
21. Journal Record Building - inside and outside severely damaged.
22. State Water Resources Board, 223 NW 5th St. - collapsed.
23. Athenian Bar and Grill, 221 NW 5th St. - collapsed.
24. Downtown YMCA, 125 NW 5th St. - inside and outside severely damaged.
25. 100 block of Park Place - severe damage reported, but may not have been caused by bomb.*
26. Post office canopy, 600 block of Harvey - near collapse.

* All damaged buildings are not shown.

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