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Benjamin Davis
Benjamin Davis Sgt. Benjamin L. Davis, 29, was a good kid, a U.S. Marine comrade said. "He was always motivated. Even when he answered the telephone," a Marine at an Oklahoma City recruiting substation said.

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Randy Guzman
Randy Guzman Marines have a reputation of sticking to the job, no matter how difficult. And that's exactly where rescue workers digging through the ruins of the bombed-out federal building found Marine Capt. Randy Guzman. He was encased in rubble but still seated behind his desk at the Marine Corps recruiting station. But a friend said Guzman didn't fit the gruff demeanor sometimes attributed to Marines. "He was real nice, personable and got along with everyone," said a friend and fellow recruiter. Guzman, 28, grew up in Castro Valley, Calif., and moved to Oklahoma City in July 1993 to oversee the recruiting station. He was single but had a fiancee and planned to get married soon, his friend said. Guzman and his friend had played basketball at the Tinker Air Force Base gym just an hour before the bombing. "He said, 'OK, you guys, I gotta go to work.' And that was it," his friend said. "It makes me sick that he's gone."

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U.S. Marine Corps Recruiting

To procure applicants for the enlistment in the regular or reserve establishment and to perform such other additional missions as may be assigned by the Commandant of the Marine Corps.

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