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The Photos: Images from The Oklahoman and The Associated Press

April 19, 1995 Gallery
Images from the day of the bombing.

April 19, 1995
The days after Gallery
The days following the bombing.

The days after
5 years later gallery
Five years later at the memorial dedication.

5 Years later
The convicted gallery
The arrests and trials of the convicted.

The Convicted
Anniversaries past gallery
Remembering the victims of April 19.
10th anniversary
Anniversaries past

Jim Lange editorial cartoon, Photo: Jim LangeJames J. Lange, who retired in 2008, created editorial cartoons for The Oklahoman for more than 50 years. His cartoons have been displayed in the official libraries of every president since Harry Truman. A founding father of the Association of Editorial Cartoonists, Lange estimated he has spoken in every gym, church basement, civic club meeting and school in the state. His drawings spoke for the state during the trying times after the bombing.

Jim Lange Editorial Cartoons

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