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The History: April 19, 1995 to Present
An Oklahoma City Bombing interactive Timeline.
The Day After: Stories from The Oklahoman
April 20, 1995: Read this main story as it appeared in print in our online archives.

Witnesses describe reactions when blast occurred

'Things like this just don't happen here'

Some employees have no place to work

'You did not know where to run'

'It's bad; it's real bad'

'I thought it was a tornado'

Federal building security tightened

State military bases tighten security

Explosion halts business

Churchgoers turn to Bible for comfort

Churches across city offer prayers, assistance

'My bag has saved 25 lives'

Sooners take a day off

'Oklahomans are incredible people'

'My God, that had to be a bomb'

'Boy, I was just running, looking everywhere'

Schools helping students cope with tragedy

Oklahomans see world in one day

'He walked toward the light'

'We lifted up baby beds and screamed to see if anyone was trapped'

Small children victims in day-care center

'We were running out of time'

'Support and prayers'

50 Penn Place, Penn Square stores close amid bomb scare

Recovery may be slow, city psychologist says

Nursing student gets on-the-job training

Blast disrupts banking community

'It was dark, black and I was falling'

State employees vacate Capitol

President, local officials express outrage

Remington Park cancels races, 89ers postpone doubleheader

City hospitals' readiness put to test after blast

Trade show offers food, help exhibitors serve coffee, sandwiches

Utilities respond to blast

'I had to dig my way out'

Answer is 'Seek peace in heart'

Insurance specialists due to assess damage costs

City struggles with shock of deadly bombing

Governor decries explosive violence

Clinton text

'Get out of the way; there's a bomb'

'It was like a big concrete tomb'

Numerous buildings sustain damage

Helpers converge at site

City's terror bombing draws world sympathy

City struggles with shock of deadly bombing

More bad luck plagues skaters after explosion

Families wait impatiently for news about victims

Heartland easy target, McCurdy says

'Glass cuts go all the way across my face'

'Whatever it was, it was awfully cruel'


Video: April 19, 2008 ceremony
Video: Jami Smith sings "Faith in You"

Cross-section of building

Cross-section of truck location

Aerial view of damage

Memorial chairs

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