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'You did not know where to run'

By Karen Klinka

April 20, 1995

The shock wave from the explosion at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building threw Ernie Ross 20 feet into a table across the room.

Ross, a typesetter for The Journal Record newspaper, was in the newspaper offices near the nine-story federal building.

"The explosion was all you could feel. The windows were all gone and the inside walls collapsed," recalled Ross, 47, from his University Hospital bed Wednesday afternoon. "You did not know where to run to get out. It was just frantic. "

Ross, a Vietnam veteran, sustained a crushed nose, facial lacerations and large cuts on his leg.

"The flying glass sliced me up ," the Edmond resident added. "I was standing with a co-worker, Fred Kubasta. ... I hope he's all right.

"I'm sure glad to be alive. I never went through anything like this when I was in Vietnam. "

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