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Bobby Ross Jr., John Perry and Pat Gilliland

April 20, 1995

Here are quotes from people in buildings damaged Wednesday by the explosion in downtown Oklahoma City:

DR. RICHARD A. CLAY was tending to a patient in his office at

415 NW 11. When glass exploded above him, Clay thought an airplane had crashed into his examining room:

"I knew it wasn't an 1 earthquake because it was too sudden.. "

His office manager, ALMA LYNCH: "I thought, `We're dead. The building is blowing up. ' "

LAURA DAVIS, a receptionist at Devore Law Office, 1318 N Robinson, said that just before insulation, ceiling tiles and twisted metal crashed onto her head, she thought:

"God, somebody's stomping on the roof. "

An instant later, she ducked to avoid flying debris and glass.

JOHNNY NIX, general manager at Bob Moore Oldsmobile, 109 NW 13, said he was meeting with sales manager Kevin Banzant. Nix had leaned back in his office chair when he felt shattered glass pelting him on the back:

"We thought maybe somebody was shooting out the glass. Then we heard the employees all screaming. They could see what was happening. They could see the glass all coming down. "

Even in Vietnam, Nix said, he never saw anything "that strong with that kind of impact that far away. "

PAT HYDE, 35, owner of Pat's 10th Street Lounge, NW 10 and Robinson: "This bar has been here about 70 years," Hyde said, pointing toward the twisted wooden walls in front. "I don't know if it's going to be here next week.

DWAYNE DAVIS, 27, employee of Big K Detail, 1117 N Robinson: "I heard a loud boom and everybody went running. "

As Davis talked, a car backfired behind him. He and two other employees twisted quickly around and prepared to take cover.

JIM NICHOLS, 45, who owns Jim Nichols Motor Co. at the same address, said he felt a jolt and a picture fell off the wall:

"It was so intense that it felt like it was just across the street. I've never seen anything like it and I've been to Vietnam twice. It's unbelievable. Everything all around you is like a war zone. "

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